Company profile

Rootility develops and uses innovative root-focused plant breeding methods to dramatically increase crop yields and overall agronomic performance, while preserving crop quality. Our methods are GMO-free, based on sophisticated simulation and empirical work, in combination with well-known breeding techniques, which enable us to screen crops at a large scale and high speeds. We focus on roots as drivers 

of tolerance to environmental changes and performance improvement. We believe we have a distinctive advantage in bringing better products to market in a more cost-effective way. Rootility has successfully applied its technology in a number of crops in different regions globally. Large scale field trials have been conducted over a period of 5 years and commercial sales have already been initiated.

Smart roots expand ability

It is highly challenging for farmers globally to satisfy the increasing worldwide demand for food. Increasing adverse environmental conditions steadily decrease available arable land and a growing global population presents serious challenges to the agricultural industry. We must overcome the current constraints (land, water) and reduce the risks of climate volatility. Improving crop production is essential to the future of sustainable agriculture. 

Current agricultural systems use traditional breeding methods or transgenic technologies to develop improved plant varieties. Rootility developed a breeding method which places emphasis on the plant-organ responsible for supplying vital nutrients to the plant, thus directly impacting the plant’s ultimate performance, yield, and its ability to tolerate abiotic stress: THE ROOT.

Rootility's breeding system allows an efficient selection of high performance abiotic stress tolerant roots that
dramatically increase the yield of existing commercial 
cultivars, while preserving the crop quality. By increasing 

productivity, Rootility provides significant added value to the grower and supports cultivation on land where 
farming is currently impossible due to limiting abiotic 
conditions (cold, heat, salinity, drought).

Our approach is unique

+ Rootility is a pioneer in recognizing the biological 
potential embedded in the plant's root system, which has
never been the focus of the seed industry. 
+ Through development of improved roots Rootility 
produces plants with a broad tolerance for abiotic stress 
conditions (heat, cold, salinity and drought). 
+ Rootility is the first in the industry to have successfully developed a robust selection system for root-focused breeding, testing the effects of abiotic stress conditions on roots. 

In addition, we look beyond the development of stress tolerant traits in the root systems –we aim for 
increased yield from the same land and agriculture inputs.
+ Non-GMO - Rootility's solution does not use transgenics in any way.
+ Proven in the field – by now Rootility has 5 years of field results proving the reproducibility of its technology in the field, under actual farming conditions. Rootility has commercially launched its first products in California, Spain and Israel.

The Team

Dr. Rafael Meissner
Founder & VP CTO

Co-founder of Evogene, listed on TASE. Dr. Meissner holds a Phd in plant genetics and has years of breeding expertise.

Gad Elasar
Executive Director

Former CEO of the Hazera Genetics & former Head of International activities, Hishtil Nurseries

Limor Zur-Stoller
Interim CEO, CFO & COO

Accounting & Economics, TLV University, MBA College of management. Over 15 years of experience as CFO & COO at Rosetta Green, Monsanto Israel, and Nutrinia.

Andrea L. Launeck
VP Sales & Marketing

BSc & MSc Agricultural Science, MBA SDA Bocconi. Sales and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience at Syngenta, Rijk Zwaan and BASF