Rising mercury, growing populations and loss of land mean a higher demand for food quantity and quality in the future. The Israel Business Conference in December enlisted experts from the World Bank and The Economist along with world-renowned researchers and investors to find ways to feed the future. ISRAEL21c was there.

The week before, the second annual Agrivest event in Israel showcased the up-and-coming Israeli agriculture technologies for multinational food and seed companies to follow. ISRAEL21c was there, too.

To help bring the world up to speed on agri-tech advances from Israel, we’ve spoken with the who’s who in the field and curated a list of the top 12 companies from Israel.

The companies chosen represent a wide range of Israeli expertise from seed technology, the dairy industry, biological pest control and aquaculture. Most of them are proven in the market, are innovators in their field, and are changing the way we produce food to achieve more with less.

We consulted with heads of the Israel Export and Trade Institute, the Volcani Center, Trendlines Agtech and GreenSoil Ventures. GreenSoil is the only venture capital firm in Israel focused solely on Israeli agricultural technologies.

You’ve probably heard about Israeli drip irrigation and cherry tomatoes. Here are technologies you might not have heard about –– ones to make old farms futuristic.

1. Evogene is an Israeli seed company that uses research and development to improve crop performance. The company uses plant genomics and biotechnology to create plants and biofuels that carry desirable traits such as resistance to stress or pests. Evogene is transferring genes between plants from the same family rather using transgenics, or GMOs. Seed giant Monsanto has a stake in the company now traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

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