Rootility is expanding

Rootility’s proprietary and truly unique screening system and methodologies are non-patent protected trade secrets. Instead, we breed superior rootstocks  and enclose those in patents and register them. Our portfolio includes four commercial varieties registered in the US, and one in the EU (Spain). In vegetable types, in which grafting of scions on rootstock have been established practices (e.g. tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, watermelons, melons, etc.), we develop novel IP protected rootstocks, and sell their seeds through existing vegetable seed distribution networks. In crops, where grafting is not possible or not currently practiced, we use our system to independently (or with a suitable partner) breed superior varieties that are cold/heat/drought tolerant and which increase yield. We have initiated such a program for Sunflower for oil. For other large  

field crops such as sugar beet, corn, and soybeans, we intend to partner with global leaders or regional players which can provide unique germplasm and field work capabilities. We will improve field crops by supplying our "root power trait", and intend to work by a royalty stream model.
Over the past three-five years Rootility has focused on the larger vegetable markets, and has addressed the major agronomic challenge in the moderate climate growing areas of the Mediterranean basin and California – cold tolerance. In addition, we have also shown the applicability of our inovative system to various field crops and will initiate breeding programs the coming year.